Travel & Pilot Earplugs

£180 per pair


ProGuard Custom Travel & Pilot earplugs will fast become your ultimate travel accessory, for some people flying can literally be a pain. Cabin pressure in an aircraft can cause excruciating pain ruining travel for thousands of people and giving immense discomfort. ProGuard Custom Travel earplugs offer a reliable solution, they work by slowing the rate of change that air moves in and out of the outer ear giving the air trapped in the inner ear more time to escape. By balancing the pressure in such a way, once the aircraft is in descent or ascent mode, your ear mechanism is able to handle the change in air pressure much more comfortably and will alleviate any of the pain you normally associate with flying.

Pilots also find these earplugs very effective, helping attenuate damaging high frequency noise yet enabling you to hear conversations and warnings all be it at a lower sound level.

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