Sleep Earplugs

Item NO. Proguard Sleep




ProGuard Custom Fit Sleep earplugs offer you the perfect solution for a good nights sleep, problems can be caused by a multitude of things for instance snoring of a partner, noisy neighbours or noisy environment , maybe just an irregular work pattern, all of which can cause profound stress just when you want to relax.

Manufactured in non allergenic opaque blue medical grade super-soft (25 Shore) silicon, their low profile design means they fit snugly into your ear canal for extra comfort when sleeping on your back or side. ProGuards can be worn all night without causing any discomfort because of their soft textured feel and will definitely not fall out. Maximum noise safeguard means that disturbing noises will disappear in an instance allowing you to relax and settle into a good sleeping pattern then of course wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the next day.