Digital Bangbusters

Item NO. Proguard Digital BangBusters




ProGuard have uniquely dovetailed together the comfort of a custom fit earplug and the sophiscated electronics of an audio processing unit. The result is the ProGuard Custom Digital Bangbuster, the new first choice for the sporting marksman.

ProGuard BangBusters exclusively designed to be used in high noise environments, where instantaneous extremely high noise peaks will occur, firing a gun of course is the obvious choice but they would also work in Industry or other walks of life.

Bangbusters incorporate a very small microphone in each earpiece, earphone driver with volume control/on-off switch and an ultra-fast compression system with a “brick-wall” output limiter. Restricting the audio sound output to less than 85dB regardless of the ambient noise levels.

The discreet audio processing electronics employed in the BangBuster, gives it a wide dynamic range allowing it to respond to low level signal even during a whispered conversation. Very loud noises can be heard at a safe level without any fear of overload distortion.

The Bangbusters use a small A10 hearing aid battery to provide power and will give an operating time of for up to 80 hours (depending on type of use), it is also a simple task to change the battery using the swing-tray retainer design.

Fitted with a small intricate wax-guard filter system, which will prevent ingress of ear-wax (cerumen) causing a blockage. The filters should be changed regularly, if the filters becomes clogged with earwax there will be a noticeable degradation of audio quality.

Never use the BangBusters without the wax guards and this can cause damage and invalidate the warranty.