It looks like you might need a further hearing test.

It looks like you have some form of hearing loss and should see a Hearing Aid Audiologist to check your hearing.
The online test is an initial screening. Only a comprehensive hearing exam performed by a hearing professional can determine if you have a hearing loss.

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Has your hearing changed?

If you are completing Scrivens’ online hearing test because your hearing has changed, you are probably wondering why. There are a number of reasons why your hearing may change, including:

  • Age – for many of us, our hearing changes as we get older – this is very common and not something to worry about. Scrivens Hearing Care is able to advise you on the best hearing aid for you, as well as providing aftercare information and answering any other age-related hearing loss questions you may have.
  • Loud noises – working in a noisy environment for a prolonged amount of time, for example, can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. If you have been exposed to loud noises and have become concerned about your hearing, pop into your local Scrivens Hearing Care branch.
  • Illness – occasionally certain illnesses, or medication for some illnesses, can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. If you have been ill or are taking medication which you believe may have altered your hearing, Scrivens Hearing Care is here to help.

If you have taken our online hearing test and have been advised to visit a Scrivens branch for a full hearing health check, click here.