Hearing protection

Protecting your hearing is essential, particularly if you would like to prolong your hearing for as long as possible.

From loud concerts to noisy traffic, there are many everyday situations that can make a bigger impact on your hearing than you may realise. An underground train can reach 85dB, a pneumatic drill or a nightclub can be as loud as 110dB, a concert can reach ear splitting levels of 130dB, and the crack of a gunshot is 140dB. If you’ve ever experienced ringing in your ears after a night out, then you know the effect that high noise levels can have on your hearing.

You can take action to defend your hearing from excessive noise with our comprehensive range of earplugs that will protect your ears from damage, no matter how noisy your environment.

We supply a range of earplugs that are tailored to your specific needs.  Unlike off-the-shelf earplugs, our line of ProGuard earplugs are made individually for you, and will fit your ears perfectly, ensuring comfort and protection.


Designed with the workplace in mind

Keep your hearing protected in environments with extreme noise.

Ideal for situations with extreme noise, manufacturing, farming, custom applications.

Sport and Leisure

For a variety of environments

From shooting to swimming, check out our range of earplugs for sports and leisure. Help protect your hearing while traveling with out flight or motorcycle earplugs, or just get a good nights sleep with our sleep earplugs.

Ideal for sleep, swimming, travel, motorcycle, and shooting.


No compromise on sound quality

Our range of music earplugs include solutions for live music events, high end stage performance, monitoring systems and eartip sleeves.

Keep the music sounding great while protecting your hearing from the high volume of clubs, gigs and other live events

Ideal for musicians, DJs, gig goers, clubbers and music lovers.

What are the benefits of protecting my hearing?

The benefits of protecting your hearing are endless, and this is mainly due to being able to communicate efficiently with those around you. A few benefits include:

  • Strengthening your relationships with friends and family
  • Improving motivation to do everyday tasks
  • Improving concentration
  • Improving overall mood
  • Reducing depression and anxiety
  • Improving overall peace of mind
  • Improving self-esteem

Protecting your hearing is vital, and Scrivens Hearing Care is here to help. If you would like further information, browse through the pages below. You are more than welcome to contact us if you have any further questions, or read our hearing protection FAQs.