Hearing Aid Service and Aftercare

Deciding to buy a hearing aid from Scrivens Hearing Care is the beginning rather than the end of your relationship with us. Having a hearing aid means you need to learn to hear all over again and your Hearing Aid Audiologist will be with you throughout your journey.

Rehabilitation is a vital part of the process, as adjusting to the new and different sounds you are hearing takes time. When you first receive your hearing aids you will need to gradually build up the amount of time you wear them. This is where expert help and advice is essential. You will be invited back to see your Hearing Aid Audiologist within six weeks of your hearing aid fitting in order for them to make any adjustments based on your comments, and answer any questions you may have.

Essential Care

Purchasing your new hearing aids is just the start of your journey. Your hearing aids need care and attention for you to enjoy the best hearing possible. We understand this and have created a plan that provides fantastic value with added convenience.

Alongside the free aftercare you receive from your Hearing Aid Audiologist, Essential Care will make caring for your hearing aids even easier. It is designed to make sure that you receive the essential items you need to ensure your hearing aids work at their best – and all delivered direct to your home.

Repair Care

Repair Care is the complete aftercare package for your hearing aids. For a small monthly outlay, the Repair Care scheme offers you:

  • Service and repair of your hearing aids
  • Discounts on future purchases

With all of these benefits, the Repair Care scheme means real peace of mind as you know that normal service and repair bills are covered. Please note, in order to be eligible for Repair Care you must be an essential care scheme member.

Our hearing aid wearers understandably become very reliant on their hearing aids to help them in their daily lives so we have developed two aftercare plans that will help ensure their hearing aids get the care and attention they need:

Essential Care: For just £2.50 per month per hearing aid, Essential Care provides you with regular supplies of batteries and wax filters. Replacement slim tubes and domes are also available free of charge if required.

Repair Care: For an additional £3.00 per month per hearing aid, any servicing and repairs to your hearing aids are covered, plus you get discounts on any future hearing aid purchases

You can find out more about the two great value plans by clicking on the links below.

With Scrivens Hearing Care, you will receive an aftercare service that ensures you get the best out of your hearing aids. Changes in your hearing don’t have to mean changes in your lifestyle.

For further details and to join, complete the form below and a member of our Customer Care team will get in touch.

Repair Care