Staying safe in store (COVID-19 precautions)

It’s understandable you may still have a few reservations as we adapt to life in the ‘new normal’, but please be reassured that we want to provide our customers with a safe and comfortable environment to visit for an appointment or to browse frames.

What are we doing to make you safe?

  • As you would expect from your healthcare provider, we will be ensuring equipment is thoroughly cleaned between appointments and any frames you try on will be put in a basket to be cleaned before their next use.
  • Hand sanitiser will still be available for you to sanitise your hands and our teams will be undertaking regular hand washing.
  • Our Optometrists and Hearing Aid Audiologists will be wearing PPE during your tests and assessments in line with current healthcare guidance.
  • Masks are no longer a legal requirements but are a personal choice. If you choose to wear a mask to your appointments, our staff will respect your wishes by maintaining distance you are comfortable with and asking if you would like them to wear one also.
  • If you have any symptoms of Covid-19, please rearrange your appointment and do not attend the branch.
  • We will still be contacting all those with appointments prior to their visit to check they can still make their appointment and are symptom free.

Covid safety

Process of booking appointments?

You can book an appointment with us online or via the phone. If you need to pop into your local branch for any other reason, please call them beforehand, as we are trying to manage the number of people in the branch and, where possible, help customers remotely.

Once you’ve booked an appointment you’ll get a call from a member of our team to go through a few pre-screening questions.

Can I just go into a branch?

If you need to pop into your local branch, please call them beforehand, as we are trying to manage the number of people in the branch and, where possible, help customers remotely.

When you do visit your branch, we ask that you wear a mask at the branch and maintain social distancing. If there are too many people in the branch, you may be asked to wait for a short period.

Do I need an eye test?

Everyone should have a regular routine eye test – some people may need a test more often than others.

If you’ve noticed changes in your vision, it’s important to see a professional. It may simply be we need to amend your prescription, but it’s always better to get it checked.

You can book an appointment online or by calling your local branch.

Book an Eye Test Now

If you need an appointment but are self-isolating, our staff may arrange a remote appointment. Please call your local branch, but do not enter the store if you are self-isolating or showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Handy tip – bring your own pen with you when you visit us. You may need to sign some forms.  

If you start to feel unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms before your appointment, we ask that you call your local branch to rearrange. Please don’t visit the branch if you feel unwell.

What people sayHere’s what recent customers thought of their experience:

“Excellent service and quick delivery of glasses. Lovely staff in the Bearwood branch. Facing adversity in these times but doing it with a smile. Thank you!”

“My appointment ran to time. No waiting around. I was instructed to sanitize my hands and both myself and staff were wearing masks so I felt safe. Diane was very efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. No complaints :)”

“I visited Scrivens for an eye test, due to Covid 19 the staff were very thorough making sure that there was plenty of hand gel to use and wiping everything down i.e. the card machine etc before offering it to be used. I had a good experience in the shop, staff were very pleasant and helpful and I was very happy with my purchases. The staff made me feel very comfortable. There was plenty of choices on frames for me to pick out and try and I was given plenty of time to make my choice.”

“The staff were very helpful. Welcoming environment and social distancing maintained as per government guidelines.”

“I have recently had both an eye test and a hearing test at Scrivens. The staff are friendly and welcoming and even with the restrictions of social distancing it was a relaxed and comfortable experience. I have one pair of new glasses and await a second pair and I am also awaiting new hearing aids.”

If you have any more concerns please contact us here or consult our Coronavirus FAQ page here.