Contact lens manufacturers


Alcon is helping people see the world better through advanced surgical, pharmaceutical and vision care products. We serve eye care professionals and their patients in more than 180 countries, reaching 90% of the globe, to help millions of people see the world better with clarity, colour and beauty. 

Alcon continues to set new standards in eye care through its commitment to developing new and innovative products and technologies to address unmet eye care needs around the world. Patients are at the centre of everything they do and at the heart of their commitment to helping people see better. This is seen in their advanced research and development process, as well as their high standards for manufacturing that exceed basic compliance needs. Their range of contact lenses include brands such as Air Optix, Freshlook and Focus Dailies.


CooperVision is currently one of world’s leading contact lens manufacturers and have been creating soft, disposable contact lenses since 1980. Throughout the years CooperVision has evolved through research, development and manufacturing making them the third largest soft contact lens company in the world.

CooperVision are constantly evolving and adapting to improve contact lenses to ensure better vision. They also regularly come up with innovative ways to tackle technical problems, such as complicated fittings. Regardless of eye health or age, CooperVision is likely to have a contact lens to suit your needs. CooperVision provide a large range of soft contact lenses such as Biofinity, Proclear, Avaira and many more, all which are designed to vastly improve vision and comfort. CooperVision have most recently created the word’s first and currently only multifocal Toric lens.


Mark’ennovy is a European-based contact lens manufacturer and sells to eye care professionals, and industry chains in over 37 countries worldwide. Mark’ennovy specialises in multifocal and toric contact lenses in a variety of coatings and soft materials. Mark’ennovy aim to provide high quality contact lenses with their expertise in eye health to ensure the greatest improvement for a patient’s eye sight and in turn their quality of life.

David Thomas

David Thomas has been making lenses since 1972, and up to November 2009 was one of the largest independent manufacturers of gas permeable lenses in the U.K.  David Thomas is now part of the Menicon Group of Companies following the 100% share acquisition by Menicon Co. Ltd. which means they have one of the largest portfolios of contact lens and lens care products available to the eye care practitioner including Miru and PremiO.

The latest technology combined with modern CNC equipment is used to produce and process lenses. The result is a Company which constantly pushes forward the frontiers of excellence in contact lens manufacturing.


Acuvue have been providing vision care to people worldwide for over twenty years. In 1988 Acuvue created the first soft disposable lens and since then have been using the best technology and innovation to create the highest quality lenses. Acuvue have a large range of lenses that use specialised technology to keep eyes moist and comfortable throughout the entire day, such as 1 Day Acuvue Moist and Acuvue Oasys lenses. The lenses are designed to give the wearer improved vision, comfort and freedom.


For decades No7 have evolved and adapted to consumer needs and market trends to create high quality contact lenses. No7 contact lenses use innovation and cutting edge technology to suit all needs and vision requirements. No7 are leading the market in specialised ocular health, and pride themselves on being able to provide improvements on eye health as well as general well being. No7 have a range of contact lenses, such as Quasar and SynergEyes.