If you exercise or play sports, you’ll probably be aware of the potential problems that can arise while wearing glasses. Contact lenses however, can lessen the potential risks and even improve your performance.

Here are some of the key benefits of wearing contact lenses for sports and exercise:

More Reliable

Contact lenses are naturally weather resistant as they’re on your eye, meaning no more worries of dirt, dust and rain affecting your vision. Also, no risk of glasses slipping down your face or falling off and causing distractions


Broken glasses can mean broken glass very near your face. Contact lenses remove this hazard completely. They also mean any and all protective headgear can be worn properly, for maximum safety and confidence in your equipment.

Better vision

Clear vision you can rely on; contact lenses ensure you will have the best vision in every moment. No obstructions to peripheral vision or the unexpected impairment that comes with glasses and them falling off.

See below to hear some first-hand stories of how contact lenses have impacted the lives of England boxer Morgan Ansell and Warwickshire Cricket Club Batsman Rob Yates:

For more information see our contact lens FAQs linked below, or read our contact lens myth busting page for insight into the most common misconceptions about contact lenses.

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