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Test bullets

Post on Fri 28th May 2021

Aliquam tincidunt mauris eu risus. Vestibulum auctor dapibus neque.

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Post on Mon 4th Jan 2021

Do you suffer from headlight dazzle? If yes, you are not alone.

With shorter days, we spend more time in winter driving in the dark.  It can be an issue where bright LED headlights intensify the problem for glasses wearers who can become dazzled by the brightness.

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Seeing the benefits of seeking help

Post on Mon 30th Sep 2019

Research showing that both life expectancy and quality of life are affected in older people living with vision and hearing loss has highlighted the importance of detecting and treating such problems early.

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Ear ‘tickling’ could help slow ageing

Post on Mon 2nd Sep 2019

Have you heard of ear ‘tickling’?

It sounds like fun but refers to sending small electrical currents into the ear. A new study suggests this therapy could rebalance the nervous system in the over-55s to help them age more healthily.

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Chernobyl children look on the bright side at our Stone branch

Post on Mon 19th Aug 2019

Children from Chernobyl enjoying a respite holiday were welcomed at our Stone branch which provided free eye tests and prescription glasses. The ten youngsters were put at ease by optometrist Larisa Dorochtchak, who is Ukrainian and speaks Russian, and they also received goody bags from the team at the branch on Adies Alley.

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Listen out for the signs of hearing loss

Post on Mon 5th Aug 2019

Some things in life are obvious and hard to ignore while others – like ageing – creep up on us. Hearing loss often comes into that latter category as it can be subtle and gradual and easier to overlook. But the signs are out there and it pays to listen to them.

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Study finds hearing aids may delay onset of dementia

Post on Wed 17th Jul 2019

A new study suggests that wearing hearing aids for age-related hearing loss could delay the onset of dementia and slow brain ageing by eight years. There has been evidence for some time of a link between hearing loss and dementia-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, but it was not clear whether the loss was a symptom of the illness or one of the causes.

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Tinnitus research offers hope

Post on Wed 10th Jul 2019

With one in ten British adults suffering from tinnitus, news that a drug to cure the condition may be nearer is certainly welcome. Research scientists in Arizona, USA, have made a breakthrough by blocking a protein molecule that fuels brain inflammation. The study has been trialled on mice but further investigations are required before tests on humans.

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